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About Cellixx

About Cellixx - Reverse Cellphone Lookup We are a startup initiative driven by the desire to make telephonic communication a better and safer place for the individual user.

We were appalled by recent years’ sharp rise in junk messages, spam and countless attempts of companies to install their advertisements in people’s cells. We see all of that as a breach of private and individual space no less severe than trespassing on privately owned territory – a phenomenon to which we cannot turn a blind eye.

Moreover, we have found it very distressful that a great number of people are taking advantage of unlisted numbers to convey foul content (bad language, curses and even threats) to innocent users. These contents can be annoying at best, but in the worst case they can be quite frightening and unraveling.

To battle these negative practices and to minimize the damage that may be caused by anonymous callers, we have decided to establish this startup. Our primary intention is to provide the average cell phone user with a clean and safe environment and for that purpose in mind, we are building an application that will enable to identify and reveal anonymous callers, limit the access of spam to the cell phone device and block unwanted materials.

We hope you'll make the most out of this website. Please feel free to send us any feedback you might have and that you think can help us bring more value to the entire community.
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