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CELLIXX Application

About Cellixx - Reverse Cellphone Lookup The threat facing cellular users today is multi-dimensional. It constitutes a breach of privacy, as our cell phones and mobile devices are vulnerable to spying software designed for tracking our movement. Our personal data and that of the people with whom we are in contact are also at risk. While much of that goes unnoticed, we might also be susceptible to spyware reaching out from various harmful sources with the purpose of accessing or damaging the data we store on our cellular devices and harming their operating systems.

At the same time, commercial ads and other types of spam are constantly invading our cellular devices, making their daily use cumbersome and annoying. Lastly, some users fall victim to unwanted and unidentified anonymous callers who distribute foul content ranging from substandard language to threats that upset and frighten innocent cell users.

At cellixx, we believe that in order to cope with a multidimensional threat, we need a multidimensional response strategy. Our applications are designed to provide a simultaneous and comprehensive solution to a plethora of risks cell users encounter on a daily basis.

These applications are built to provide a shield against spying software and malware. They disable commercial spam, preventing it from bothering and disrupting users. Equally important, our engineers are developing a mechanism that can uncover anonymous calls and hinder “cellular bullying.”
In a world marked by openness and interconnectedness, cellixx remains steadfastly in favor of privacy.

Our future developments will offer the following primary features:
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