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cellixx Jobs

A Database Administrator Required

Job Details:

Managing complex database systems.
Maintaining a secured database.
Database Development.

Job Definition:

As a member of our staff you will be required to deal with database maintenance and development in cell phone environment. You will have to: Supervise accessibility to users. Track performance parameters to allow fast users accessibility and use codes to supervise performance. Perform necessary adjustment in to maximize storage demands. Checking and installing DBMS updates. Cooperate with IT experts and programmers, read workflow charts and update data. Maintaining database security

Job Requirements:

We are looking for an employee capable of innovativeness, creative thinking and problem solving in highly dynamic environment. Worker must commit for a full-time job including weekends. We promise high salary and advancement possibilities.

Graphic Designer

We require an experienced graphic designer capable of producing high quality digital files for cellular applications. Background knowledge of designs for cell phones is a plus.

Job Requirements:

Further Requirement:

Those who will be found fit for the job based on a preliminary interview will be asked to take part in a 2 day workshop to assess their designing skills and qualifications.

Our company believes in rewarding highly motivated and skilled workers. We offer high salary and option for fast promotion to our best employees.
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