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Area Code 315-200


Syracuse / Onondaga County NEW YORK
Pop. Onondaga County 467,026
18-65 Pop. Onondaga County 294,226
18-65 male Pop. Onondaga County 48.1%
White Pop. Onondaga County 81.1%
Black Pop. Onondaga County 11%
Asian Pop. Onondaga County 3.1%
Hispanic / Latino Pop. Onondaga County 4%

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200 1400 N/A Cornerstone Telephone Com 4044 exact extension number query

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Syracuse New York Streets:

  • Amherst Ave
  • Brighton
  • Argyle Ter
  • Brighton
  • Baker Ave
  • Brighton
  • Baldwin Ave
  • Brighton
  • Beard Pl
  • Brighton
  • Berger Ave
  • Brighton
  • Bishop Ave
  • Brighton
  • Cannon St
  • Brighton
  • Centennial Dr
  • Brighton
  • Crehange St
  • Brighton
  • Crescent Ave
  • Brighton
  • Dougall Ave
  • Brighton
  • E Beard Ave
  • Brighton
  • E Bissell St
  • Brighton
  • E Borden Ave
  • Brighton
  • E Brighton Ave
  • Brighton
  • E Colvin St
  • Brighton
  • E Corning Ave
  • Brighton
  • E Lafayette Ave
  • Brighton
  • E Matson Ave
  • Brighton
  • E Newell St
  • Brighton
  • E Ostrander Ave
  • Brighton
  • E Pleasant Ave
  • Brighton
  • Edmund Ave
  • Brighton
  • Elizabeth St
  • Brighton
  • Elk St
  • Brighton
  • Elmhurst Av Brg
  • Brighton
  • Elmhurst Ave
  • Brighton
  • Fage Ave
  • Brighton
  • Fernwood Ave
  • Brighton


  • 315-200-1762
  • 315-200-3437
  • 315-200-0721
  • 315-200-4021
  • 315-200-3011
  • 315-200-1930
  • 315-200-3516
  • 315-200-0705
  • 315-200-3634

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Top 250 Most Searched Numbers in 2013

(for exchange 315-200)
Search Date
Search TermNumberSearchesLast
Search Date
Search Term
315-200-594913Jun 2013free cell phone lookup315-200-98732Oct 2013Who is this number?
315-200-509213Sep 2013315-200-5092315-200-33882Sep 2013Who is this number?
315-200-417712Oct 2013free cell phone lookup315-200-59062Feb 2013who called me
315-200-955611Sep 2013who's number is this315-200-25102Aug 2013315-200-2510
315-200-096511Nov 2013reverse mobile lookup315-200-01112Jul 2013Who is this number
315-200-742411Oct 2013315 200 7424315-200-51152Oct 2013who is this
315-200-793110Jul 2013free cell phone lookup315-200-15872Jun 2013reverse cell phone lookup
315-200-14782Jun 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-200-40362May 2013reverse cell phone lookup
315-200-99592Jan 2013free cell phone lookup315-200-71032Jan 2013who called me
315-200-64252Jan 2013who's number is this315-200-93232Feb 2013reverse cell lookup
315-200-72572Feb 2013315-200-7257315-200-79782Mar 2013who called me
315-200-76012Mar 2013315 200 7601315-200-54212Feb 2013reverse cell lookup
315-200-72222Oct 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-200-36252Nov 2013reverse mobile lookup
315-200-09642Oct 2013reverse mobile315-200-73012Jan 2013reverse phone directory
315-200-19452Mar 2013315-200-1945315-200-95152Jun 2013who's number is this
315-200-77102Sep 2013reverse phone directory315-200-37462May 2013315-200-3746
315-200-57922May 2013Who is this number?315-200-46252Jan 2013315-200-4625
315-200-58322Sep 2013who is this315-200-25812Jul 2013Who Called Me
315-200-85552Jul 2013free cell phone lookup315-200-79112Aug 2013315-200-7911
315-200-22982Sep 2013who is this315-200-35382Jun 2013315-200-3538
315-200-94382Mar 2013315-200-9438315-200-07052Nov 2013315-200-0705
315-200-71292Apr 2013free cell phone lookup315-200-36872Jul 2013Who is this number?
315-200-25152Sep 20133152002515315-200-34182Jun 2013315-200-3418
315-200-43042Nov 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-200-39372Sep 2013315-200-3937
315-200-64502Aug 2013free cell phone lookup315-200-65302Jan 2013315-200-6530
315-200-31342Nov 2013reverse mobile315-200-02372Jul 2013who is this
315-200-56412Jan 2013reverse cell lookup315-200-83882Oct 2013free cell phone lookup
315-200-98412Feb 2013315-200-9841315-200-92542Aug 2013reverse phone directory
315-200-14082Mar 20133152001408315-200-65332May 2013Who is this number
315-200-51752Oct 2013315-200-5175315-200-07112Jun 2013Who is this number
315-200-51472Nov 2013Who is this number?315-200-69022Mar 2013who is this
315-200-08942Sep 2013Who is this number?315-200-47052Mar 2013315-200-4705
315-200-06452Feb 2013reverse lookup315-200-07762Jul 2013Who is this number?
315-200-90142Jun 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-200-58342Oct 2013free cell phone lookup
315-200-51932Jun 2013315-200-5193315-200-01862Mar 2013reverse mobile
315-200-21202Aug 2013reverse cell lookup315-200-31882Mar 2013315-200-3188
315-200-60632Aug 2013Who Called Me315-200-64552Jan 2013reverse mobile lookup
315-200-06612Nov 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-200-46162Oct 2013who is this
315-200-60802Jul 2013315 200 6080315-200-09482Oct 2013315-200-0948
315-200-45462Jan 20133152004546315-200-29222Nov 2013315-200-2922
315-200-10062Feb 2013315-200-1006315-200-62022Oct 2013315-200-6202
315-200-92452Mar 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-200-54932Jun 2013Who is this number
315-200-32612Jan 2013Who Called Me315-200-72432Jul 2013reverse cellphone lookup
315-200-91942Apr 2013reverse lookup315-200-64632Nov 2013reverse phone directory
315-200-33692Oct 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-200-56352Aug 2013free cell phone lookup
315-200-70702Jul 2013315-200-7070315-200-27752Jun 2013who is this
315-200-60162Aug 20133152006016315-200-84862Apr 2013reverse cellphone lookup
315-200-39982Apr 2013reverse cell lookup315-200-67402Aug 2013free cell phone lookup
315-200-98832Mar 2013reverse lookup315-200-44092Mar 2013Who is this number?
315-200-82462Sep 2013reverse phone directory315-200-38082Aug 2013Who Called Me
315-200-83422May 2013reverse mobile lookup315-200-31712Apr 2013reverse cell phone lookup
315-200-45062Jul 2013reverse cell phone lookup315-200-15962Aug 2013Who is this number?
315-200-92162Sep 2013free cell phone lookup315-200-68672Mar 2013315-200-6867
315-200-52992Aug 2013315 200 5299315-200-46372Sep 2013who's number is this
315-200-56772Feb 2013who called me315-200-45682May 2013Who Called Me
315-200-79232Jul 2013reverse phone directory315-200-22232May 2013reverse cellphone lookup
315-200-85752Mar 2013free cell phone lookup315-200-38212Jun 2013reverse cellphone lookup
315-200-66882Apr 2013315 200 6688315-200-21052Jun 2013315-200-2105
315-200-43012Aug 2013reverse mobile lookup315-200-73102Nov 2013reverse lookup
315-200-88472Jun 2013who is this315-200-46852Aug 2013reverse cell phone lookup
315-200-27362Jan 2013reverse mobile lookup315-200-56422Oct 2013reverse cell phone lookup
315-200-60122Sep 2013reverse phone directory315-200-09912Jul 2013reverse lookup
315-200-00662Mar 2013315-200-0066315-200-73972May 2013reverse mobile
315-200-59302Mar 2013315-200-5930315-200-65942Aug 2013free cell phone lookup
315-200-63582Jul 2013reverse lookup315-200-25822Aug 2013315-200-2582
315-200-40592Jul 2013reverse mobile lookup315-200-41312Sep 2013reverse cellphone lookup
315-200-03212Sep 2013Who Called Me315-200-90402Nov 2013315-200-9040
315-200-79052Jun 2013reverse mobile315-200-91592Aug 2013315-200-9159
315-200-73232Mar 2013Who is this number?315-200-01612May 2013Who is this number?
315-200-00472Apr 2013Who Called Me315-200-52452Apr 2013315-200-5245
315-200-25572Oct 2013reverse mobile315-200-65512Nov 2013reverse cell phone lookup
315-200-91402Jun 2013who is this315-200-49752Apr 2013free cell phone lookup
315-200-08992Jun 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-200-51652Sep 2013who is this
315-200-35462Aug 2013who is this315-200-39742Aug 2013who is this
315-200-11442Jan 2013reverse cell phone lookup315-200-04312Jun 2013reverse cellphone lookup
315-200-12342May 2013free cell phone lookup315-200-14622Apr 2013who is this
315-200-23702Mar 2013who called me315-200-70832Oct 2013who is this
315-200-38642Feb 2013reverse lookup315-200-34142Jan 2013free cell phone lookup
315-200-65282Jul 2013315-200-6528315-200-34432Jul 2013reverse lookup
315-200-37642Apr 2013who is this315-200-81442Jun 2013free cell phone lookup
315-200-57252Sep 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-200-98232Apr 2013who is this
315-200-49112Apr 2013315-200-4911315-200-18392Jan 2013reverse cellphone lookup
315-200-19802Sep 2013315-200-1980315-200-96112Nov 2013reverse cell phone lookup
315-200-48892Jan 2013315 200 4889315-200-45282Jan 2013reverse cellphone lookup
315-200-93702Jul 2013reverse cell lookup315-200-01922May 2013315-200-0192
315-200-84242Jan 20133152008424315-200-70492Apr 2013reverse cell phone lookup
315-200-82512Apr 2013who is this315-200-12102Nov 2013reverse phone directory
315-200-06342Mar 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-200-34272May 2013who's number is this
315-200-22952Apr 2013who is this315-200-93972Nov 2013reverse mobile
315-200-31682Sep 20133152003168315-200-88682Mar 2013reverse cell lookup
315-200-87492Aug 2013who called me315-200-66162Sep 2013Who is this number
315-200-82382Feb 2013315-200-8238315-200-31482Feb 2013315-200-3148
315-200-26822Oct 2013reverse mobile lookup315-200-66562May 2013reverse cell phone lookup
315-200-34052May 2013315-200-3405315-200-62122Sep 2013reverse lookup
315-200-48902Sep 2013reverse cell phone lookup315-200-89652Oct 2013reverse phone directory
315-200-00392Mar 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-200-19572Jul 2013315-200-1957
315-200-74822Jan 2013reverse cell lookup315-200-19192Sep 2013who is this
315-200-27492Jul 2013free cell phone lookup315-200-72112Aug 2013reverse cellphone lookup
315-200-22892Sep 2013who is this315-200-35902Nov 2013reverse lookup
315-200-83692Apr 20133152008369315-200-49062Oct 2013who is this
315-200-68152Jul 2013reverse lookup315-200-01292Sep 2013reverse lookup
315-200-48072Apr 2013315-200-4807315-200-02522Oct 2013reverse lookup
315-200-86972Feb 20133152008697315-200-45602Apr 2013reverse cell phone lookup
315-200-60762Sep 2013reverse cell phone lookup315-200-59682Aug 2013315-200-5968
315-200-13802Sep 2013free cell phone lookup315-200-22862May 2013315-200-2286
315-200-78372Jan 2013who is this315-200-94542Aug 2013who called me
315-200-76522Mar 20133152007652315-200-00642Oct 2013who is this
315-200-65262Sep 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-200-03802Jan 2013reverse cell lookup
315-200-05382Feb 2013Who is this number?315-200-50392Sep 2013reverse mobile lookup
315-200-81482Oct 2013Who Called Me315-200-14722Sep 2013315-200-1472
315-200-36792Aug 2013reverse mobile lookup315-200-26832Jun 2013reverse cell lookup
315-200-38672Jul 20133152003867315-200-42952Oct 2013reverse cellphone lookup
315-200-93672May 2013reverse mobile315-200-97122Mar 2013reverse cell phone lookup
315-200-46602May 2013Who is this number?315-200-67592Jan 2013315-200-6759
315-200-23542Jul 2013reverse phone directory315-200-43822Nov 2013315-200-4382
315-200-29562Sep 2013free cell phone lookup315-200-70842Jan 2013reverse lookup
315-200-43222Oct 2013reverse cell lookup315-200-25722Mar 2013Who Called Me
315-200-75152May 2013reverse phone directory315-200-75252Oct 2013who is this
315-200-42992Jun 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-200-09972May 2013315-200-0997
315-200-82602Sep 2013reverse phone directory315-200-12022Apr 2013reverse mobile
315-200-95962Jan 2013who's number is this315-200-46122Aug 2013who is this
315-200-89112Oct 2013reverse lookup315-200-08662Nov 2013reverse cell lookup
315-200-06052Jun 2013reverse mobile315-200-43512Sep 2013315-200-4351
315-200-90522Apr 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-200-59452Aug 2013reverse cell phone lookup
315-200-84492Nov 2013315 200 8449315-200-51352May 2013reverse cell lookup
315200 who is calling?
Oct 19 2018 10:39:49281-693-1762281-693-1762
Oct 19 2018 10:39:36980-322-3437980-322-3437
Oct 19 2018 10:39:29224-612-0721reverse mobile lookup 224-612-0721
Oct 19 2018 10:39:16864-953-4021reverse cell phone lookup 864-953-4021
Oct 19 2018 10:39:05779-379-3011reverse cellphone lookup 779 379 3011
Oct 19 2018 10:38:52251-316-1930reverse cellphone lookup 251-316-1930
Oct 19 2018 10:38:35516-286-3516reverse cell phone lookup
Oct 19 2018 10:38:25660-778-0705660 778 0705
Oct 19 2018 10:38:19769-712-3634who called me 769-712-3634
Oct 19 2018 10:38:06732-234-2467reverse cellphone lookup 732-234-2467
315200- who is this number icon5Mobile #491031
03:06 minute ago
Share: Reverse Lookup: 281 968 1316
315200- who is this number icon0Mobile #257983
03:12 minute ago
Share: Who is this number query: 570-668-4032
315200- who is this number icon0Mobile #302983
03:18 minute ago
Share: Who is this number query: 567-218-3663
315200- who is this number icon3Mobile #583942
03:24 minute ago
Share: Who is this number query: 912-850-2715
315200- who is this number icon1Mobile #366881
03:30 minute ago
Share: Successful lookup: 973-743-1659
315200- who is this number icon5Mobile #516211
03:36 minute ago
Share: Who is this number query: 267-697-2800
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