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Area Code 315-639


Dexter / Jefferson County NEW YORK
Pop. Jefferson County 116,229
18-65 Pop. Jefferson County 73,572
18-65 male Pop. Jefferson County 50.9%
White Pop. Jefferson County 88.7%
Black Pop. Jefferson County 5.1%
Asian Pop. Jefferson County 1.3%
Hispanic / Latino Pop. Jefferson County 5.3%

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639 1000 Landline Township Telephone Co. In 1952 reverse mobile lookup

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Dexter New York Streets:

  • 10-21-2018 11:05:04
    Not Available


  • 315-639-2376
  • 315-639-0446
  • 315-639-2762
  • 315-639-3439
  • 315-639-1580
  • 315-639-1129
  • 315-639-2162
  • 315-639-0668
  • 315-639-2822

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Top 250 Most Searched Numbers in 2013

(for exchange 315-639)
Search Date
Search TermNumberSearchesLast
Search Date
Search Term
315-639-50719Jun 2013Who is this number315-639-60562Mar 2013reverse cellphone lookup
315-639-63745Nov 2013reverse cell lookup315-639-97462Feb 2013Who is this number?
315-639-83262Feb 2013Who Called Me315-639-68752May 2013Who is this number?
315-639-90282Mar 2013reverse phone directory315-639-23282Apr 2013free cell phone lookup
315-639-26792Nov 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-639-81192Aug 2013reverse cell phone lookup
315-639-45982May 2013reverse mobile315-639-15102Mar 2013315-639-1510
315-639-38732May 2013who is this315-639-37652Feb 2013Who is this number
315-639-57832Nov 2013reverse cell phone lookup315-639-06242Mar 2013who is this
315-639-99262Nov 2013who is this315-639-37982Oct 2013315-639-3798
315-639-67282Jul 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-639-85502Jun 2013315-639-8550
315-639-31182Sep 2013who's number is this315-639-90232Jul 2013reverse cell phone lookup
315-639-45852Jun 2013315-639-4585315-639-54372May 2013315-639-5437
315-639-62862May 2013reverse mobile315-639-70062Sep 2013who's number is this
315-639-45552Mar 2013reverse phone directory315-639-45722Oct 2013reverse cell phone lookup
315-639-23862Jun 2013reverse phone directory315-639-93372Nov 2013who's number is this
315-639-08032Jun 2013reverse phone directory315-639-32702May 2013315-639-3270
315-639-65262May 2013reverse mobile315-639-69712Oct 2013315-639-6971
315-639-09122Aug 2013reverse mobile lookup315-639-13432Jun 2013free cell phone lookup
315-639-48712Jul 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-639-16112Feb 2013Who is this number
315-639-67202Jun 2013who is this315-639-14202Sep 2013reverse cell lookup
315-639-67772Oct 2013who is this315-639-14482Nov 2013who is this
315-639-16012Jun 20133156391601315-639-53272Feb 2013315-639-5327
315-639-87592Jan 2013reverse mobile315-639-61982Apr 2013reverse cell lookup
315-639-89542Oct 2013reverse lookup315-639-59432Mar 2013reverse cell lookup
315-639-15972Jul 2013reverse mobile lookup315-639-89252Oct 2013315-639-8925
315-639-43192Feb 2013who is this315-639-69082Feb 2013free cell phone lookup
315-639-25982Aug 2013Who is this number?315-639-54182May 2013reverse mobile
315-639-69852May 2013free cell phone lookup315-639-58572May 2013who's number is this
315-639-54512Aug 2013315-639-5451315-639-40382Mar 2013reverse mobile
315-639-06472Mar 2013reverse cell phone lookup315-639-72642Sep 2013315-639-7264
315-639-42652Jan 2013who is this315-639-97752Jun 2013free cell phone lookup
315-639-88852May 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-639-66052Jan 2013Who Called Me
315-639-06372May 20133156390637315-639-40322Jan 2013315-639-4032
315-639-48092Apr 2013reverse lookup315-639-93202Jan 2013reverse phone directory
315-639-58972Apr 2013Who is this number315-639-50242May 2013315-639-5024
315-639-04992Mar 2013who is this315-639-05082Nov 2013who is this
315-639-11232Aug 2013reverse phone directory315-639-35002Jan 2013who is this
315-639-79272Aug 2013reverse cell lookup315-639-68512Sep 2013315-639-6851
315-639-04782Apr 2013315-639-0478315-639-90992May 2013315-639-9099
315-639-32382Apr 2013who is this315-639-81632Aug 2013315-639-8163
315-639-63392Oct 2013free cell phone lookup315-639-63572Feb 2013Who is this number
315-639-27532Jun 2013reverse mobile315-639-00932Jun 2013reverse phone directory
315-639-71822Oct 20133156397182315-639-15872Aug 2013315-639-1587
315-639-46842Jul 2013reverse cell phone lookup315-639-70222Sep 2013reverse mobile
315-639-13932Aug 2013free cell phone lookup315-639-83632Mar 2013315-639-8363
315-639-88082Jun 2013who is this315-639-45232Aug 2013reverse cellphone lookup
315-639-05292Apr 2013315-639-0529315-639-47052May 2013reverse cell phone lookup
315-639-10182Sep 2013Who Called Me315-639-02962Nov 2013reverse mobile
315-639-06402Jun 2013315 639 0640315-639-49382Jun 2013Who is this number
315-639-22752Nov 2013reverse mobile315-639-13922May 2013reverse cell lookup
315-639-44432Jun 2013free cell phone lookup315-639-24252Jul 2013reverse cell phone lookup
315-639-36582Jul 2013reverse mobile315-639-37832Jul 2013free cell phone lookup
315-639-04502Feb 2013reverse cell phone lookup315-639-37492May 2013reverse lookup
315-639-73232May 2013315 639 7323315-639-33802Feb 2013315-639-3380
315-639-54062May 2013reverse mobile315-639-54432Sep 2013reverse cell phone lookup
315-639-55062Oct 2013free cell phone lookup315-639-87652May 2013reverse cellphone lookup
315-639-47342Aug 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-639-68092Feb 2013reverse mobile lookup
315-639-79052Oct 2013reverse cell phone lookup315-639-14002Jul 2013315-639-1400
315-639-78772Jun 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-639-14252Jul 2013free cell phone lookup
315-639-59442Nov 2013free cell phone lookup315-639-32862Oct 2013315-639-3286
315-639-64162Jun 2013Who Called Me315-639-21412Jun 2013315-639-2141
315-639-39962Jun 2013free cell phone lookup315-639-29952Feb 2013315-639-2995
315-639-32582Jul 2013who is this315-639-97552May 2013reverse cell phone lookup
315-639-15532Jun 2013315-639-1553315-639-30002May 2013reverse phone directory
315-639-92042Jun 2013reverse cell phone lookup315-639-59782Jul 2013who's number is this
315-639-66372Jul 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-639-09152Oct 2013reverse cell lookup
315-639-63432Oct 2013reverse mobile315-639-05512Nov 2013reverse mobile lookup
315-639-81552Jun 2013reverse mobile lookup315-639-34202Sep 2013who's number is this
315-639-48512Oct 2013reverse cell lookup315-639-81902Apr 2013reverse lookup
315-639-30602Jun 2013who's number is this315-639-29522Apr 2013315-639-2952
315-639-69882May 20133156396988315-639-65712Jan 2013315-639-6571
315-639-14812Jul 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-639-93942Aug 2013reverse mobile
315-639-56502Nov 2013reverse phone directory315-639-89282Oct 2013315-639-8928
315-639-47512Sep 2013reverse phone directory315-639-67712Apr 2013315-639-6771
315-639-52202Jul 2013315 639 5220315-639-60922Jul 2013reverse cell phone lookup
315-639-29022May 2013free cell phone lookup315-639-21452Nov 2013free cell phone lookup
315-639-90792Mar 2013reverse cell lookup315-639-96742Jul 2013who is this
315-639-03952Oct 2013who called me315-639-00602Feb 2013315-639-0060
315-639-53592Jul 2013reverse phone directory315-639-93742Aug 2013315-639-9374
315-639-94762May 2013reverse mobile315-639-23352Oct 2013reverse phone directory
315-639-15442Sep 2013315-639-1544315-639-72042Oct 2013reverse lookup
315-639-19142Sep 2013315-639-1914315-639-37592Oct 2013reverse cell phone lookup
315-639-72072Oct 2013reverse cell phone lookup315-639-73792Nov 2013Who Called Me
315-639-02602Jan 2013reverse cell phone lookup315-639-47732Sep 2013who called me
315-639-60882Feb 2013reverse cell phone lookup315-639-61162Nov 2013reverse cell phone lookup
315-639-99592May 2013who's number is this315-639-13072Jul 2013reverse cell lookup
315-639-62092Feb 2013315 639 6209315-639-18202Sep 2013who is this
315-639-78292Sep 2013who is this315-639-47202Oct 2013who called me
315-639-26872Nov 2013free cell phone lookup315-639-99852Apr 2013who is this
315-639-59312Jan 2013reverse lookup315-639-47212May 2013Who is this number
315-639-09372Aug 2013315-639-0937315-639-87752Apr 2013free cell phone lookup
315-639-57862Oct 2013reverse cell phone lookup315-639-79302Jun 2013reverse mobile lookup
315-639-22662Oct 20133156392266315-639-70172Jul 2013reverse cellphone lookup
315-639-00082May 2013who called me315-639-29712May 2013who is this
315-639-01442Jul 2013reverse lookup315-639-16422May 2013315-639-1642
315-639-08592May 2013reverse mobile lookup315-639-57302Mar 2013315-639-5730
315-639-86402May 2013reverse lookup315-639-84032Jul 2013reverse cellphone lookup
315-639-72472Nov 2013reverse cell phone lookup315-639-26982Jan 2013315-639-2698
315-639-21062Mar 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-639-81062Jul 2013reverse cellphone lookup
315-639-54612Nov 2013315 639 5461315-639-95052May 2013315-639-9505
315-639-58222Mar 2013Who is this number315-639-62022Sep 2013Who Called Me
315-639-02882Oct 2013free cell phone lookup315-639-98772Feb 2013315-639-9877
315-639-88122Oct 2013Who is this number?315-639-03002Jul 2013reverse cell lookup
315-639-61072Jan 2013who called me315-639-73162Aug 2013reverse cell phone lookup
315-639-81022May 2013reverse cell phone lookup315-639-28072Apr 2013reverse mobile lookup
315-639-08712Jul 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-639-29092May 2013who is this
315-639-92012Jul 2013reverse cell phone lookup315-639-23342Jan 2013315-639-2334
315-639-91752Oct 2013315-639-9175315-639-36592Sep 2013Who is this number
315-639-82892Sep 2013free cell phone lookup315-639-51082Sep 2013reverse cellphone lookup
315-639-21132Feb 2013free cell phone lookup315-639-09942Jun 2013reverse cellphone lookup
315-639-69232Apr 2013who is this315-639-81482Oct 2013315-639-8148
315-639-53372Jan 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-639-59092Feb 2013Who Called Me
315-639-74242Oct 2013reverse lookup315-639-04572Oct 2013reverse cellphone lookup
315-639-20592Sep 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-639-51702Aug 2013reverse cellphone lookup
315-639-88712Jul 2013who is this315-639-48102May 2013315-639-4810
315-639-48202Sep 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-639-73132Oct 2013reverse mobile
315-639-90582Feb 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-639-85912Aug 2013315-639-8591
315-639-43152Feb 2013reverse cell phone lookup315-639-18582Nov 2013315-639-1858
315-639-76452Oct 2013315-639-7645315-639-99532May 2013reverse phone directory
315-639-48932Feb 2013reverse phone directory315-639-34022Jun 2013reverse lookup
315-639-50362May 2013free cell phone lookup315-639-92402Oct 2013Who is this number?
315-639-58172May 2013315-639-5817315-639-33362Jul 2013who's number is this
315-639-23482Oct 2013reverse cell phone lookup315-639-44962Sep 2013reverse cellphone lookup
315-639-48772May 2013reverse cellphone lookup315-639-39872Mar 2013who is this
315-639-87892May 20133156398789315-639-22792Jul 2013who called me
315639 who is calling?
Oct 21 2018 10:04:49386-677-2376reverse lookup
Oct 21 2018 10:04:36786-340-0446reverse mobile 786 340 0446
Oct 21 2018 10:04:29703-357-2762who is this number 703 357 2762
Oct 21 2018 10:04:16808-312-3439808-312-3439
Oct 21 2018 10:04:05302-525-1580who's number is this 302 525 1580
Oct 21 2018 10:03:52208-644-1129who is this number 208-644-1129
Oct 21 2018 10:03:35775-284-2162who called me 775 284 2162
Oct 21 2018 10:03:25404-226-0668who called me 404 226 0668
Oct 21 2018 10:03:19779-777-2822who's number is this 779 777 2822
Oct 21 2018 10:03:06210-271-0608210-271-0608
315639- who is this number icon3Mobile #734873
05:30 minute ago
Share: Successful lookup: 914-396-1321
315639- who is this number icon5Mobile #265256
05:36 minute ago
Share: Successful lookup: 347-868-2061
315639- who is this number icon4Mobile #30484
05:42 minute ago
Share: Who is this number query: 430-200-3027
315639- who is this number icon2Mobile #402369
05:48 minute ago
Share: Reverse Lookup: 786-552-3861
315639- who is this number icon5Mobile #586721
05:54 minute ago
Share: Successful lookup: 978-373-1929
315639- who is this number icon2Mobile #45689
00:00 minute ago
Share: Successful lookup: 207 283 0821
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